Saturday, February 22, 2014

IBB Make Up Challenge February 2014

Hello folks! :D

Finally another MUC done after like, 6 months? or maybe more.
Same as before, this is held by Indonesian Beauty Blogger or that usually called IBB.

This month's theme is Summer Fairytale and yeah, my look turn kinda, usual. Not like too much (in color I mean) or something. It's summer. not spring. Lol. That's just my opinion. :p

So here's the pic!
Kinda awkward pose, eh? lol but I'm liking it <3

Somehow in here I looked kinda tanned/burnt.... Stupid camera.

The eyeshadow's colours don't really stand out... I'm using a white and soft red eyeshadow on top, pale yellow-goldish eyeshadow on below and a burgundy-like pencil liner, a lil black eyeliner and whitish-rose-gold on my waterline. Below is the close up.
The shape is actually a butterfly wing... I had draw something like this for like many many times since I'm in junior high school. So the base is the burgundy eyeliner, and on top is the black eyeliner to show some pattern...

And at last, my favorite photo!
Man I'm loving this. xD

Okay below is the picture I submitted for the MUC
Now, the list of product I used:
1. Etude House Shini Star BB Cream
2. ZA Concealer
3. Canmake Eyebrow Color
4. Majolica Majorca Humming Book 2, 3, 4
5. Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Pencil RD304
6. La Rose de Versailles pen eyeliner in Black
7. Majolica Majorca Shiny Ray Liner
8. Kate eyeshadow + Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream for Contour
9. Morisse eyelashes
10. Etude House Look at My Lips in #5
11. Alice Eye no. 6 in Blue

And oh! FYI, it's not a wig. the long part of the hair is my real hair. I do have that 'tail'. It's quite long that it reached my belly button already xD
Have been keeping it since senior high school.

I guess that's all!

Let me know what you think!
See you guys in the next post!

With Love,

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mini-Haul Singapore

Hello, folks! :D

Back on the 2nd post of the day. My school today starts like, from 1 pm so I have a lot of time.

As I said before I just got back from Singapore last Sunday and here's the haul!

1. My Beauty Diary Southern France Apricot Mask
2. My Beauty Diary Cooling Mask
3. My Beauty Diary Provence Lavender Mask
4. Etude House Etoinette Brush Collection
5. Etude House Drawing Show Creamy Pencil in RD304
6. elf Corrective Concealer
7. Nyx HD Photogenic Concealer in Green

Not that much I know. I still have lots of things at home so yeah.

The 3 MBD masks, I was looking every corner of mask cabinet from Hong Kong Back then and still searching for it in Singapore and finally got them near Somerset! So happy.

The Etoinette brush, I wanted it ever since but it's expensive in HK and I can't get them online with good price, then I saw this ON SALE in Etude House Chinatown and I grabbed it rightaway. I can't get it with such price anymore! lol.

The concealers, actually what I'm looking for since ages ago is green concealer. And I finally found them in Bugis. Grabbed them rightaway too!

That's just all I guess....

See you in the next post! :D

With Love,

Review - My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask

Hello, folks! :D
It's been some time after my last post I guess?
I went to Singapore from 5th to 9th so I wasn't able to post anything....

Despite that here's the product!
My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask!
My Beauty Diary has been my like, holy grail mask brand since I got this. It comes in a box with 10 pieces of mask inside. At first I kinda hesitate to buy. To think like, what if it's not good? But end up so grateful getting this!

Infos at the back of the box. So informational! lol. But really. I like it because not every skincare product has this much info.
Anyhow now the packaging is different already. At the back the writings are all Chinese. Even that I can speak Mandarin I'm not that good at reading those 'skincare-level-vocabs' and even worse on writing.

Inside each mask is packed like this. Simple yet leaves me kinda cute impression (  >w>)
Plus, some 'extra' info, the edges are so sharp that I had some cuts... Not that bleeding cuts but yeah, who wants cuts.

It has the smell of apples. Really. Really apples! Love it.

It wasn't that expensive too, compared to korean masks. Maybe because it comes in a box.

However, putting the mask on is kinda a pain. It has that extra layer of plastic to be disposed which sticked to the mask with the same shape and it just makes everything harder! (It's so annoying that I can't even bother to take pictures... Sorry guys)

BUT! I love the results! It leaves no sticky feeling at all, and as it claims, it really controls my oiliness without making my face dry. About the pore, it tightens a bit I guess. Works on the new opened pores. the old and large one just so-so but smoother.

So! The conclusion.
Packaging. 4 stars. minus one for sharp edges.
Design. 5 stars. I like it!
Scent. 5 stars. Total apple lover.
Mask itself. 2 stars for giving that extra pain of plastic layer.
Result. 5 stars! Everything it claims.

Afterall my opinion of the packaging, design and that plastic layer, won't be repeated in the future review of different types of My Beauty Diary Mask. In the future I'll talk only about the scent and result.

I have already repurchase this few days ago. Can't help but loving it! xD

So what do you think?

See you guys in the next post!

With Love,

Monday, February 3, 2014

Valentine Blogging Competition with B Blog

Hello, folks! :D


Today I'm not going to talk 'bout beauty, but I'm ganna share my experience with my very bestie, Bianca Estelle Nathan. I can count my bestie with just one hand, so if you're one, consider yourself very important ;)

This is written for Valentine's Day, a day to share the love for the VIP in your life. (I know it's not even Valentine yet!)
Well actually also a blogging competition held by B Blog as on the title. But seriously I'm not faking this or anything. Bian and me are indeed very close. In terms of friends of course!

Bian has that long thick healthy black hair with that ideal long-oval face shape and body proportion. (omg sounds so hilarious!) She's also that one with healthy body! She almost never absent of sickness. Unlike me. But honestly speaking it's actually great, that I can ask her everything I missed. >w<

We became friends right when senior high school starts. We kinda share the same skill and interest. We play piano and violin, which could stress us out if too much. We also like to draw and write. We both take art major in university now.

Some of her drawings

She's also a 9gager like me. We usually be like laughing off loudly when we find something very funny in the web.

 We spend a lot of time together in school, not to mention I'm a loner, lol! As long as I remember I suppose we sit quite close every year in high school. I used to hug my bestie in junior high school but not with Bian. She's one with sensitive nerve and doesn't like to be touched. I wonder will she be mad if she finds out I wrote it like this? Beg your pardon, Bian! xD The thing is just don't piss her off. Warn ya.

Back then in the class we used to stare each other, a lot, when we overheard some ridiculous or nonsense chatter. Most of the time we actually hearing the same thing and thinking the same thing coincidentally! And then we'll smirk and say, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" and laugh it off. We also frequently saying something exactly the same in the exact same time. What we here in Jakarta usually called it 'one-hearted' (bluntly translated from 'sehati' from Indonesian)

Below picture was taken by time the school's field trip to Trans Studio Bandung
Typical high schoolers selfies. LOL

This one is on our last day of school in December but I forgot what year lol!
Photobombing meee xD

She likes to take pictures while I prefer photobombing other people photos. LOL. 

The interesting thing is her birthday which fall on 31st of December! Last December we and our other 2 friends hang out in occasion of her birthday but ya just usual hang out no cakes or sumthin. I gave her Lipnicure for her birthday along with candies, teas, and a letter. Really such a weird combination! But I think it is better to give her usable/edible things.

Every Valentine's day (actually 3 times in 3 years of senior high school to be exact) I always gave her my-every-year-homemade-chocolate. Everyone in class also get but of course only some which really come with feelings. She also gave me choc every year!

I'm afraid, this year, I can't give her like the previous years. She moved to USA for her studies, that America is a dream-country for her to live! To think of sending a chocolate overseas, I guess my homemade chocolate will expire along the way, and she'll say something like, such a waste of money?! (Is that what you think, Bian?! Just guessing :p)

However I still find out I'm kinda lonely in college..... T___T
My current goal is to save money and so I can go to USA and to visit her! :D
We also promised we'll go to NZ by the time we graduate from university! (Well, dunno will be done or not still) But at least I hope our friendship won't lose to time difference. Just that we got busier day by day! Anyhow I still precious this soulmate of mine.

slap palm, back palm, shake hands, HA!
Some toss we did back then x)

Well, I guess that's it.
I'm not really good at writing narratively. I'm better at descriptive style ;)
So! Happy early Valentine's day! Share your love with your loved one! <3<3<3 :*
See you guys on the next post! :D

With lotsa lotsa Love,

Ibuybeauti is looking for 10 Beauty Bloggers

Hello, folks! :D

Aside from reviews, I'm talking about sponsorship now. (Not that I have one lol)
If you're a Korean cosmetic lover you should know ibuybeauti right? (Or you don't?)
Ibuybeauti provides lots and lots of Korean skincare and cosmetic that they ship worldwide. Ibuybeauti has more than 60 brands in their shop now, and some of them are not available in other online shops. Ibuybeauti also has a Youtube channel with so many tutorials including my favorite Get it Beauty Self.

Based on Marxie's post, in the end of February, Ibuybeauti will launch a review blog that they called Beautifan, aiming to help their current and future customers to choose the products that are perfect for them.
As said, then they need reviews for their products and so 10 bloggers are needed, which the 10 chosen blogger will get to choose what products they want to try and must give their honest opinions about the products. And all the reviews must be posted to Beautifan.

All beauty bloggers can join.
If you are interested just send an email to with the following information:
Blog Address
Skin Type
Best Beauty Review link
Brief self introduction

Application Period:
Feb 3 - Feb 18

Announcement of winners:
Feb 20

Soooo I guess that's a wrap!
Just send an e-mail and you're done ;)

See you guys in the next post! :D

With Love,