Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Review - CLIO Lipnicure in #8 Guilty Pink

Hello folks! :D

Merry late Christmas and Happy early New Year! lol. I know it's late for Christmas and too early for New Year. Tell me what your wish for Christmas and New Year on the comment! :D

And as I said before today's review is ganna be a lip product!
Waterproof, smudgeproof, bulletproof (what?!) anything-proof (It's getting too much lol) CLIO's Lipnicure!

Seriously, this lip product killed it. This has that god-level staying power! Well, if god-level is too much then just say it's a lip product with best staying power. As the name, Lipnicure, which they intended to be meant as manicure for lips. The packaging is simple yet looks good. The tube is made of glass, I believe so I kinda freak out if it's rolling on the table (a.k.a gonna fall) or do fall. LOL.

At first I thought the tip's gonna be like 'OK', until then I tried to pull it out and it stucked on the opening. And that cause the upper opening to be messy because I was like, always trying to pull it and it just slipped off with high speed (if-you-know-what-i-mean). The tip is helping for rather detail outline, but i can't get it right with my left side of the lips. I wish the tip is a bit more pointy and smaller....

The directions on the box says that,
step 1, apply one coat of the liquid on the center of the lips using the applicator,
step 2, spread it using finger or smudging tool (it points out cotton bud)
step 3, don't touch don't smudge or whatever for 30 secs.

so here's the thing,
I super agree with the 1 coat, because if you layer it it's gonna shows some horizontal lines of the liquid which will dry like that.
I DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT recommend using your finger to spread it. You can't just wash it off your hand later. You need to use make up remover to you hands after you're finished. So I SUPER HIGHLY recommend to use cotton bud or any tools you prefer.
Don't touch it before it dry or else you need to make-up-remover-ing your finger. DO NOT try to stick your upper and lower lips like usual because it will transfer and leave you with not even surface.

This is how it looks with filling the lips full. The color didn't turn out as what i expected (which is supposed to be more purple-ish)

And this is how it looks with my attempt as gradation lips. I gradient the lip first, then use concealer, then lip balm on top.

 However, I tried this on Christmas when I went out with the big family for steaks, I ate bread with butter and fries and a salmon steak, surprisingly 90% of the product wears off. I don't think it's fat-proof. But then the 10% won't come off at any cost so I still use make up remover.

 Anyhow, the perfume smell is VERY VERY strong that I'm feeling sick with it. like, what does it feels to have intense perfume on your mouth? Bleh. I really took SOME time for the perfume to be not smell-able...

I read that a lot of people complaining on how hard it is to remove the lipnicure so that clio decides to release the remover too, but I don't experience trouble on removing it as long as I use makeup remover..

So the conclusion,
Packaging. 5 stars. No complain for me. :p like it.
Applicator. 3 stars. I wanted it to be smaller.
Color. 2 stars. Not as expected.
Texture. 4 stars. If not spread properly will make some build up lines.
Staying power. 5 STARS. Best staying power among others even though I think it's not fat proof.
Scent. For god sake it's 1 star. Wayyyyyyy too much and intense.
Moisture. 3 stars. I don't find it drying nor moisturizing.

That's all. I got this from Singapore. Back then they're having sales, 50% off on 2nd purchase. I got 2, 1 for me and another one of crime pink for my birthday friend as present. :D

So what do you think?

I'll fly to HK tomorrow. yeah, on 1st January.... My cousin is getting  married there and I'm so stressed that I was told to play the damn freaking piano on the marriage! I just being told like, 2 days ago? It feels the same for me like I'll do a freaking sudden concert. -_-
But of course, I'm gonna have a beauty haul there <3 >w<

Anyway, see you in the next post!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Liebster Award

Hello, folks! :D

Meet me again with this new kind of post! I'd read some post like this, but was not tagged in any, so LOL. Okay. This is The Liebster Award, given to those with follower less than 200. I actually doesn't know what liebster itself means.. I guess it's German? It looks fun so I'm happily doing this! >w<

Thank you so much to ritsukasakurai from monochrome blue sky for nominating me! :D

So this Liebster Award has some rules:
1. Put on this Liebster Award logo, thanks and links back the person who nominated you.
2. Write 11 facts about yourself
3. Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you
4. Nominate other 11 bloggers
5. Make 11 questions to be answered by the 11 bloggers that you nominate

First up, facts about me. This is random, but it's true.. :p
1. Manga lover and collector
2. Loves Siberian Husky (I like big dogs.. :p)
3. Cooks based on instinct and manga recipes (LOL I'm deadly serious 'bout this)
4. Addicted to Peter Pan and Alice
5. Has an unfinished novel wrote by me. (I don't think I'll ever finish it duh!)
6. Has really bad vision (precipitation)
7. Has that twisted way of thinking compared to others
8. I can feel it! Music is in my blood. (But I ain't that talented...)
9. Singer. 'Humminger'. Just SING!
10. Japan lover.
11. Wanted to be taller (currently around 163...)

Okay. Now to answer the questions from ritsukasakurai
1. Who is your fav beauty guru / fashion icon??
    I don't really have one.. I never 'look up' for someone's style really.

2. What animal do you love most?? Why??
    Butterfly. It just has that 'mysterious and occulty' aura. lol

3. What kind of brand do you like most for beauty make up and fashion??
    It's Majolica Majorca and Kate for make up and I don't have that favorite brand of clothing.. I choose based on the pattern and what I wanted at that time.

4. Why did you started to make a blog??
    I love to write things and so I thought I can be a blogger too. So far it's only about beauty, but I actually planned to post my art works and maybe some of my creepy recipes :p

5. If someone give you a free ticket to go anywhere you want, where will you go?? Why??
    If it's only the ticket, I don't really want to go somewhere I'm not familiar with or too pricey. If the accommodation's included, I'll take either Japan, England, Australia, USA or NZ.

6. If you have to choose between make up and fashion, which one will you choose?? Why??
    I'D RATHER NOT TO CHOOSE. Really. Those 2 are unseparated! What's the deal of make your face pretty when you're wearing something bad? What's the good either of wearing cool clothes with that bare face?

7. Did you ever dye your hair?? What color??
    Nope. Never. But I'm planning to if I failed  on 'sumthin'

8. What do you like about yourself?? I mean something about your whole body.
    My lower arm, I guess.......

9. What is your favorite song for the moment??
    I honestly never have that certain song 'fever'... If I love a song, I'll love it forever. I always have my playlist shuffled...

10. If you can be anyone, who will you be??
     NAH. Of course I want to be myself since I'm enjoying myself to the best. (Well maybe to be richer and prettier LOL)

11. What will you be in the next 10 years??
     Next 10 years, I'm 28, huh... It's either to be someone famous, or a rich young wife (super LOL) or single with a great carrier, or.... Just be dead already! >_>

I nominate:
1. Teru Terumi : http://teruterumi.blogspot.com/
2. Yessy Muliawan : http://sweet-raspberry-sorbet.blogspot.com/
3. Ru-shi- (Lucy) : http://mokona-ai.blogspot.com/
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5. Naomi Aria : http://naomiaria.blogspot.com/
6. Tania Kato : http://diaricici.blogspot.com/
7. Vina Mayu : http://vinamayu.blogspot.com/
8. Clarissa Punipun : http://puni2.blogspot.com/
9. Ririe : http://sweetlikeapeach.blogspot.com/
10. Bella : http://starzle.blogspot.com/
11. Erika : http://ichigoonohi.blogspot.com/

Questions from meehhhh:
1. Your hobby?
2. Your skills?
3. Japan or Korea?
4. If you can have a make-over, what part of you that you'll make over?
5. The person you admire or crazy about? Can be fictional.
6. Shopping or watch movie?
7. Favorite place to hang out?
8. What's the thing that you're currently looking or wanting to buy?
9. Any allergies?
10. Your favorite sports?
11. If you can live anywhere, including fictional places, where would you choose? If fictional, from where is that?

dat's my questions. Sorry if the grammar is not proper.. ;p Too lazy for grammar (even though I'm a spelling-nazi LOL)

Kay that's all. Anyway, the next review would be a lip product which is like a SUPER PRODUCT to me. Totally sold for it.

See you in the next post!

With love,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review - Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel

Hello, folks! :D

Back with another review. Again.
Sorry for not able to post for a time..
Honestly I was sick, because I catch a cold when I went 'somewhere' to do registration of 'sumthin' LOL. really. And I recover for a week and sick again, which I suspects it's actually IBS (Intestine Bowel Syndrome) oh yah well I recovered quickly and working the hellllllllll out for postponed assignments and exam. Hectic, right?

Anyway with the review, this Neutrogena gel is bought by my sister in Singapore because my mom and I were so sold to the ads in TVBS-G channel (some Taiwanese channel but too bad I can't watch it anymore...)

In the ads it shows that it gives super moisture and lock it in the skin by summer. Of course it has sun protection, but only 30 with PA++...

Here's the pic of the product~
It comes in a blue tube which I really love! It's not glass, it's plastic so it's not that heavy. To think again it's actually all plastic... -__-

Below is the description on the bottle.
 Nowadays what we (I) need is SPF 50 and above and with PA++++! Yes, 4 plus!

Here's the pic of the pump! Just usual pump.. I need like 1-1.5 pump for 1 usage.. I wonder if it's too much..
But this 1 bottle last long already. I think it's like almost a year or so and I still haven't finish it even that I use this daily!

Now the texture!

It's blue. And smells nice for me. But. It's actually quite thick for me.. It's easily spread but just doesn't absorbed by my skin that easily. In fact, it feels like it just sit there without 'infusing' itself to my skin, IF YOU DON'T MASSAGE IT. The instruction actually tells you to massage it.

Regardless, even with massaging, for me, is still hardly absorbed by my skin.

It may keeps my skin hydrated, but just the 'outer' side of my skin right after usage. I feel like it needs to be left like that for some time to really hydrates the 'inside'.

That's quite some seconds after I spread the gel. (Since I don't have steady hand so I need to take quite long time for a macro picture.. *sob*)
Still looks quite thick and unabsorbed right? :/ That's what I think anyway.

Packaging. 5 stars. I'M LOVIN' IT. Since it's blue. :p It's not made from glass so I don't need to worry if it falls.
Texture. 1 star. I'm not liking that it's hard to absorbed by the skin and left me with sticky face.
Scent. I wonder how may stars... It's just that so-so nice... 4 stars, I guess.
Result. 3 stars. Quite good but needs that tad of time! And I'm that person who's always in a rush (puh-lease! xD)

So what do you think?

Till minutes ago, I, again, struggle with sticky hair. But I'm not sure that my hair is now safe. Because I can still feel the stickiness, even though it's much better. And to be honest that method I post some time ago didn't work at all... My friend suggest me to see a dermatologist.. I still want to see the improvement anyhow..

That's all for now. Sorry for MIA for a month. I was planning to held a giveaway last November since it's my birthday, but whatsoever I was sick and I didn't even celebrate it... See you in the next post!!

With Love, Carol

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Giveaways that I joined - 1

Hello, folks! :D

I'll be posting on giveaway that I'm currently joining~

Giveaway: ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Any Cushion c/o COSMETIC-LOVE

Etude House Rosy Giveaway

October Monthly Pick Me Up: Etude House Rosy Tint Lips
by Airi

October Special Giveaways (International)
by Miharu Julie

Well I guess that's a wrap! :D
See you all!

With Love,

Review - Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister Moonlight Virgin Edition

Well hello, folks! :D Sorry for being MIA for some weeks. Kinda dunno what to post... *such a lame reason!*
Actually just having bad mood days due to projects that I have to remake. Yes. Remake.

Okay, so I'll be doing review again.
It's Majolica Majorca's, which is a limited edition of their 10th anniversary. It's the Moonlight Virgin chapter, released for summer. (Ya I know it's late already). I DO need to use them for a quite of time to give my opinion, no? /gg

Majolica Majorca itself is a Japan drugstore brand, which from what I know is famous for their mascara because it's meant for Asian's short and straight lashes. The thing is, they just don't sell in Indonesia! :@
For a Japan lover like me it's just irritating.... ;_;

And the products that I'm going to review is their famous mascara, *drumroll* Lash Expander Edge Meister!
It's actually brown, which their not-limited-edition one is in black.  
Pardon for the bad lightning... It's hard to find good lightning with plain background in my house...

Majolica Majorca's packaging is always a 10 stars for me. It's just exactly my taste. Somewhat mysterious, lots of curvy lines, and also the colors is fascinating. Packed mainly brown, with gold and aqua-ish blue.
The size is just the usual size like other mascara. Maybe a bit 'slimmer'. ('u')

The 'stamp' of trademark from Majolica Majorca on top of the tube
Just gorgeous, right?! That details in gold is just purrrfecto. LOL

This is how the mascara 'wand' brush looks like.
(Sorry kinda blurry.. I don't have a steady hand..)
It's not a usual brush actually. It's a comb. And there are fibers in the formula.
The curvy side is for most of your upper lashes, while the straight and shorter side is for the lower lashes and the hard-to-reach part of you upper lashes. (They said.)

My experience with this is kinda messy.. I was an amateur in mascara and this makes my lid dirty at a few first attempt. The importance is that, if you sucks as an amateur at curling your lashes, like me, DO NOT use this for 'practice'. I end up switching to Fairydrops's mascara when I started college because I was bad at curling my lashes and this makes my lash even worse, even though it's really lengthening and flattering.

After few weeks of curling my lashes, I think I'm fine at it already and I start using this again. This is how it looks (after really long hours).

From kind of lower view, you can see that it's super long and do not clump at all
(Still have to admit my lashes are super messy on position itself  *sigh*)
But the brown color doesn't stand out in this picture... Hard to get the color y'know...

On this picture the brown is much more noticeable. Just compare it with my lower lashes. Different, right?
In reality it's more brown and it's even like red-ish brown.

So far, just take it as 10, out of 10 times of usage, 9 times, the lashes will low down a bit. I believe it's due to humidity and temperature.. And if you wear it for a very long time period, somehow the brown looks kinda 'worn off' even that the length stay still. This mascara is meant for lengthening from the start anyway....

A lot of people said that this is so hard to remove, but in my case, I don't have a problem with that.. Honestly at the first time I use it, I was surprised since it can't be removed with just showering and washing my face. LOL. Because all the previous mascara I use would worn off when I wash my face (even if it's waterproof. :p

Let's get to the conclusion part.
Design and packaging, Undoubtly 5 stars for me. I just love Majolica Majorca's design!
Formula. 5 stars. Dry just in right time. Not too fast, not too long.
Lengthening. 5 stars. It's SUPER lengthening.
Curls. 4.5 stars. Rarely lowers.
Seperation. 5 stars! Definitely! That is just what I love with Japan mascara.
Scent. Is this needed? It actually just smells like other mascara, just for me smells better.

So what do you think?
I do really want to make a daily make up tutorial.. Just hope that it'll be my next post, kay?
See you in the next post!

With Love,

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Etude House x Disney New Collection - XOXO Minnie

Hello, folks! :D

*hugs and kisses*
Yeap that's right! Etude House launched new collection with collaboration with Disney!
Specifically, Minnie.

I (Etude House) present you..... *drumroll*
XOXO Minnie - Hugs and Kisses!

Sure there's a lot of new things, isn't it? So cute! I bet Minnie fans are dying for this. But I heard that This is only limited for Korea... I hope I can get them online! Want them! >w<

(I have to say Sulli looks cuter than Krystal by the banner.... Just saying really)

Now, let's break down the list, shall we get started?? ^v^
Fufufufufu I'm so excited.

Let's see. The first up is the XOXO Minnie Any Cushion Case!
Dang it Etude House! You should be releasing the Any Cushion with this case! >_<
So this is really just a case, meant for the refill of the Any Cushion.
This is sold for 10k won. So it's about 100k rupiah or 10 dollars, I guess?
Pricey for 'just case' I think.

Next, Minnie Touch Blusher!
It's a 3 shade blusher, with Minnie on the blush!
You can use it the shade on it's own or mix the three of them~
Just like their famous Lovely Cookie Blusher, this one doesn't come with a mirror...
It's almost as big as the Any Cushion anyway.
This is sold for 15k won, or around 150k rupiah or around 15 dollars.

Next, is Minnie Touch Highlighter
Okay to be honest I don't think this is a highlighter (even though the name is)
I think this is just another color of the blusher. Kind of lilac.
I guess the C part is the highlighter.
It has the exact same packaging and price with the blusher, the fact that only the Minnie cover that's different.

This picture is posted by Etude House on their facebook page and it shows some comparison and combination of the products.
The color sure looks great on the model's skin! B is better than A I guess?

Let's continue. Next up is Look at My Eyes Cafe in Minnie packaging
Nothing much of these, just new color with Minnie packaging I guess. 
Sold for 3500 won each. Or around 35k rupiah or 3.5 dollars

Next is Look at My Eyes Jewel in Minnie Packaging.
 Nothing much here either. New color with Minnie packaging.
The difference between Cafe and Jewel is that the Jewel is more glittery and more shimmer.
It's sold for 5500 won each, or around 55k rupiah or 5.5 dollars

The next is Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara in Minnie box
I really don't see ANY modification on the mascara tube itself.
All that's different is only the box. Yes the box only..
But tell me if there are any difference on the tube.
This is sold for 13k won, or around 130k or 13 dollars

Next interesting product is Minnie Kissing Lips!
The lipstick has 2 colors. One is the very red, and the other is is a quite eccentric pink with warm undertone I guess. And the lipstick cap is different for each color.
This is sold for 9k won each, or around 90k rupiah or 9 dollars.

Below is the picture posted by Etude House on their facebook page on comparison for each color. 
It turns out that the pink's not THAT bright. But it looks creamy and smooth.

The following is Minnie in the Nails! What a very cute name~
It comes with total 6 colors.
First and second color is plain dark red and that lipstick eccentric pink.
The rest is with Minnie's ribbon, circles, rounds, and Mickey shaped 'decorators' (I have no idea what the name is..)
Somehow it reminds me of their Pink Prism Nail and their Bling in The Sea Nail..
Each sold for 3k won, or around 30k rupiah or 3 dollars

Here's the 'hands-on' picture from Etude House facebook page

The second last item! Minnie in Nail Glitter~

Yea to be honest I never heard a nail glitter before.
I guess this is that 'decorator' I mentioned before xD
So you need to put it above your plain nail polish and finish off with top coat, I suppose.
4 of them looks stunning! With pink, black, white and silver coloured round, Mickey, Minnie's ribbon glitters.
Each sold for 2500 won, or around 25k rupiah or 2.5 dollars.
To be honest I think it's pricey. It's just glitters. Better to get the nail polishes.

Finally! The last but definitely not least! Minnie Wink Lash! (I'm tired of typingggg LOL)
The eyelash both looks natural, not too WOW that looks super fake if used.
There are 2 type, which the first is longer, wider, and fuller. Great for party with natural looking.
Second is shorter and the lash is rarer. Great for everyday use! I think it's for the  lower lashes too.
Sold by pair of course, 3k won for each pair, or around 30k rupiah, or 3 dollars.
Now that's quite cheap while usually good fake lashes are around 50k rupiah in drugstores.

That's the end! Phew. What a long post.
What do you think of this new collection?
Tell me your opinion! :D

See you in my next post! *hugs and kisses*
With Love,

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Review - Etude House Eye's Cream in Vanilla Moist

Hello, folks! :D

This time it's an Etude House product again! xD
This one is one of my favorite products from Etude House.
I present you, the Eye's Cream in Vanilla Moist! *clap-clap
This Eye's Cream by Etude House has 2 version. The one is this that I'm reviewing and the one in blue, called Mint Cooling. This Vanilla Moist meant to be used at night, which claims to moisturize and whitening the skin where you use this.
It's a short tube with quite big diameter. Unlike other products of Etude House. This one's not that cute.. :/

Here's the back.
Hangeul Hangeul and Hangeul. I mentioned before that I really don't like the fact that Korean brands write their description all in Hangeul without any English translation..

The tube has a cap with diagonal lines which if you pull that off, you'll see that the product has one more transparent cap to be opened.
This is how it looks like.

So you pull that off again, and start turning the tube like lipsticks and those tubed-glue for paper. You'll get the product, in creamy white. The picture shows how long the product is. Not that long eh? :(

If you look at the product, you'll see that it's very shiny-looking like the picture.
It glides very very very smoothly when you use it on your eyes. It feels like it melts as it touches your skin. lol. It may feels a bit thick, but you can massage you eyes for a while and it's fine.

But I have to say that it smells super wierd. I was expecting it to smell it like vanilla but well it smells wierd. It smells kinda fishy, salty. It isn't a really pleasant smell. But you'll get used to it once you use it daily.

I finished one, and because I haven't buy a new one back then, I just absent from using this. Then along with time I can see dark circles OMG. I never had dark circles before. It isn't that real, not that bad but I can see it if I look closely. Maybe it's due as a new design student with projects. LOL. But I was also lacking of sleep back then when I'm using the first one due to National Exam to determine whether you'll graduate or not. So I bet this works greatly. That's why I get the 2nd one.

I didn't buy this, I got a voucher from Etude House as I won their Healthy Face Movement on the 3rd place. So I use the voucher to get this and some things. :D
(Check out my winning video here: My Morning and Night Skincare Routine. But actually for NOW, it's outdated alreadyyy. Sorry guys)

So the ratings.
Packaging. 4 stars. Compact but not that much product.
Design. 2 stars. Not interesting and not cute.
Texture. 5 stars. It's glides super easily and smooth.
Scent. 2 stars. One word. Weird. But I can handle it. Some of you may not though.
Result. 5 stars. Total full marks for this. I don't want dark circles and this helps.

This is my second one, and maybe I'll buy it again if I'm not bored with this.

So what do you think?

I'm thinking to make a tutorial for SOME(that means it's more than 1) not-so-wow makeup for school as I wear some make-up now for college. Tee-hee~
Are you guys interested? Let me know!
Oh, and if you guys want to request some blog tag post please let me know. :D
See you all in the next post!

With Love,

Friday, October 4, 2013

Review - The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment

Hello, folks! :D

Back with me with my first The Body Shop item review~

 Yes it's the Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment in travel size! ^w^
As you know, The Body Shop always claims that they don't do animal testing and always use recyclable packaging.
This little claims to controls oil as it moisturize.

I bought this because I don't have a night cream and I think this just suit me because it's for those who have combination skin. My skin is super combination (LOL). Very oily on the nose and forehead and super dry on the cheeks. Really.

I saw that it was sold for 50k while the original size, with 30 ml, sold for 169k. It's RIDICULOUS! Why would the half size sold much much cheaper? So I just immediately grab it and go. (I pay of course xD)

The bottle comes with transparent tube and a pump, that doesn't work like usual pump. Inside the bottle there's an additional bottom layer which will go up to push the liquid upward as you pump it. I think its very good so you won't have residues of the product along in the bottle when it's out.
Here's the pic of the pump.
Somehow I think it's kinda cute. Dunno why. Maybe it's because of the transparency. >_<

The liquid inside is kinda like gel. But as you blend it out it of course disappear like water. It's not sticky and absorbed easily. In the bottle the gel looks kinda yellowish. But if you pump it out it looks completely transparent o_o. I can't snap the yellowish color at all....

About the scent, it smells like the sea. Kind of salty. But it will gradually become quite a little sweet scent after sometime when you use it. But still smells like sea. I don't mind. I love sea. Don't you guys love sea? ;)

The result.. I don't think it's that very good. If I use it alone after toner, my T-zone feels good. Matte. But other than the T-zone, feels really dry. If I use it after light moisturizer, I'll wake up with oily nose.... But it happens a lot even without this so I think the problem is my nose afterall. Large pores and so.

Okay. Into the conclusion.
Packaging. 5 stars. Doesn't took a lot of unnecessary space, looks kind of sleek and the unusual work of the pump is great for me.
Design. 3 stars. The bottle's to plain. They can add some motives or pattern stickers to the transparent bottle..
Texture. 5 stars. Not too thick, not too watery. Perfect.
Scent. 5 stars. I love it. But maybe for those who prefer scentless product, is too strong.
Result. 3 stars. It doesn't really do what it claims... But I think it's my own nose pore problem though...

It's my 2nd travel size bottle already. And I don't think I'll buy this again for now since I have pre-ordered Skinfood's Lettuce and Cucumber Cream as a substitute of this because the 2nd bottle is almost out and they don't sell the travel size anymore ;_; I can't find it anywhere on the store.

So what do you think?

Thank you for reading this post! Next review won't take long. Tee-hee~

With Love,

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hair Problem Diary #1 - Sticky Hair

Hello folks! :D

I skipped blogging again last week! >_< I still having problems with timetable... ;_;

Okay into the topic.

My house was renovated since late August, that my mom wants to lift up the ground floor since water will come in if it's flooding outside. It wasn't that bad, it's not even as high as the ankles! Just like puddles. And that will only happen if some cars drive fast through flood so the water will come in like the waves by the beach. But we don't live on the ground floor anyway, but my mom insists on heighten the floor.
And, so the water usage, which should be the piped water, was alternated to hard water. That's the how the horror starts.

I was fine with that, since I'd used hard water several times, got no problem. Only kind of slick, slippery feeling on the skin. But this time, IT"S HORRORIFIC!!
After days of using the hard water, my crown hair becomes STICKY, and CLUMPS like ropes.
I thought I didn't wash it properly (I wash my hair everyday. Don't judge me. lol.) the previous night. So I wash my hair, making sure it's cleanly washed. I always let my hair dry naturally, that my hair still sticky and even clumps worsely. It's was such a horror because I don't want people to think that I'm so unhygienic that my hair looks disgusting.

Day by day passed, it gets worse. That it feels like some wax and hairspray are applied to my hair. TERRIBLE. I got into some dramas that my mom thinks I'm exaggerating and over-worrying. As a girl of course you're concern with your hair like you are concern about your skin!

It got a little bit better when I blow dry my hair with my sister super hot hairdryer. I wasn't really care that if my hair becomes dry because of that hairdryer because I just want the greasiness, stickiness and clumpiness of my hair GO AWAY!

I googled and found that some people said that it's due to the build-up of the dirt. So I wash my hair even harshly, wishing it gets better but NO. TOTAL NO.

It even gets worse today and I try to google again with different keywords and Voila! (not really)
I found that some expert says that it's natural due to stress and hormones and will go away within weeks. And I was like, 'Really?! Seriously?! WEEKS?! Ain't nobody got time fo' that!'
I need some instant solution and come up to 3 which is:
1. Vinegar
2. Baking Powder
3. Listerine

Honestly, knowing that Listerine is an option kinda surprised me. LOL.
I was thinking to use vinegar but it's about dinner so the kitchen on the 3rd floor is a mess and I decided to go with Baking Powder, which located in the living room's cupboard.
The thing  is,
1. Use your long term shampoo (the one that you sticks with for years without problem)
2. Mix the shampoo and the baking powder with ratio 2:1
3. Mix throughly and use it like usual hair washing.

My hair turns super soft, silky, and light! All the greasiness, stickiness and clumpiness GONE!
Just works like magic and BAM! You're back to your beautiful hair ;)

I kind of believe that it's due to stress and hormones since I was quite under big pressure due to university duh. I hope this will not happen again and I can improve myself mentally :D

I hope this post will be helpful to you those who have sudden shock with their hair changes.
So this post ends here~
See you soon in my next post! I have 2 reviews coming! Tee-hee~

With Love,

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Wishlist ver. 2.1!

Hello folks! :D

Meet me with my 2nd post today!
Actually just updating old wishlist because I just realized my skincare things are running out duh.

So first, starts with the basic. Skincares.
1. Skinfood Peach Sake Serum
2. Skinfood Lettuce Cucumber Cream
3. Skinfood Facial Ice Vita Eye Stick
4. Etude House Ice Shot Spray
5. The Body Shop Pore Minimizer or Pore Perfector
6. Some really-working spot whitening!!! Any recommendation pleaseee? 'v'
7. Skinfood Kiwi Yoghurt Mask (ya I know that most of the skincare list are Skinfood's)
8. Oil control facial mist
9. Lip scrub

Move on to the next part. Make ups.
1. Skinfood Peach Sake Pore BB or Good Afternoon Peach and Green Tea BB
2. KATE Liquid Rouge V
3. Creer Beaute La Rose de Versailles Mascara
4. KATE Colorcious Diamond. I really regret not buying this back in Japan!
5. KATE Slim Create Powder
6. Pore Primer! The one that make the skin reeeaaallly smooth. xD

Up the following. Fashions.
1. PLATFORM SHOES. I got 2 from Japan but I'm a lover so they're still on the list! >w<
2. Cute jacket. My current jacket has a stain and stitches on the left arm side. Thanks to the stain, my maid tried to bleach it and wash it so hard that it ripped and stitched and the stain stay still. Gosh.

Last but not least! Miscellaneous.
1. Ballet shoes. Usual ballet shoes and toe shoes! Mine are too small because I stop attending ballet class when I was in 5th grade. I reaaallllyyyy wanna continue self-studying... :(
2. New contact lenses and glasses.
3. Complete Masami Shouko Make-up Brushes. Now I realize I need brushes for 'extraordinary' application :p

I bet I'm gonna wreck this list over on my birthday and my future trip on January! Yes I am going to Hong Kong in January to attend my cousin's wedding. It's still a long way to January though....

However, thanks for reading!

With Love,

Review - Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

Hello, folks! :D

Sorry that I didn't post last week :p
Well I don't have that much readers though >_<

Today's post is a review again, from the famous korean princessy look cosmetic brand, Etude House!
At first I was planning to do more review on Korean brands but ya well. Tee-hee.

So here's the pic.

This is one of the best seller from Etude House, which claims to sink pores' size. This one is the freshener, you can say the 'soft toner' of skincare.
It is actually my 3rd bottle already. Yes you don't read it wrong, THIRD, of 500ml size.
 The packaging is quite cute-classy for me, and it lists the 7in1 effect of the Wonder Pore line.

You can see at the back, which all in hangeul (if I'm not wrong) that one point that I don't like of korean because that way we can't really know about the products details. But I love how it says, I'm the Wonder Woman for your pore! <3

The interesting point of this bottle is the pumper! Yes it comes from the pump, you see that white circle, it's where the freshener come out. You practically place your face cotton on the pump, and press it, and there you go~

The scent was not that much bother if you don't concentrating on smelling it. I just realized how strong the alcohol smell when I smell it specially to know what to write on this review :x

But to be honest I'm quite disappointed on this since I have use 2 bottles but no changing on my pores.. But it really helps to calm my skin when it's super dying dry.

Design and packaging. 5 stars. It's great and it's not from glass so not that heavy.
Scent. 4 stars. The alcohol smell's kinda strong if you try to smell it from your face cotton
The pump is the point. 5 stars. I would like to reuse it for other toner in the future if I can. LOL.
Price. 4 stars. I got this around 180k back then. If on the official store of Etude House here in Indonesia, it's 418k on normal price.
Result. 2 stars. It doesn't do what it claims to me :(
The thing is, as this bottle run out, I won't buy this again since it's my third bottle. I wanna try something new! :D

So what do you think??

See you all soon!

With love,