Saturday, March 14, 2015

Be Confident with Clean, Healthy & Radiant Skin by PPP Laser Clinic

Hello, folks! :D

For today I'm gonna talk about things that I never tried before. It's skin laser treatment! Woohoo~~
I'm very thankful to PPP Laser Clinic for giving me the chance. Laser is one tricky treatment. I thought it's only for people 20s and up and I was wrong. With PPP Laser Clinic, it's very safe. Even for me. (I'm not 20 yet lol) Because they're using low intensity laser.

What is PPP exactly? PPP itself stands for Pores, Pimples and Pigmentations. Sounds very great, don't you agree? It originates from Singapore, and expands to Indonesia as one of the Laser Clinic in Jakarta.

So I got this amazing complimentary package treatment, consists of:
SEVEN session of PPP Laser & Light Cleaning System - which usually referred as LLCS, and
ONE session of PPP Micro Laser & Cool Touch - usually referred as the Combo Treatment.
Such a great treatment that I'd got.

What does LLCS do?
It helps to lighten pigmentations, such as spots.
It stimulates the skin to produce more collagen. As PPP Laser Clinic treatment is more in frequency than intensity, it results in skin thickening.
It also reduces sebum production from the gland resulting in minimized pores.
It makes skin feels cleaner and fresher because it removes dirt, dust, dead skin cells.
As one extra benefit, the face hair is turning white! (>v<)

What about Micro Laser and Cool Touch?
Result of smoother, tighter, firmer skin.
It reduced fine lines and wrinkles.
Reduces active acne and acne scars.
The way it works, it makes your skin regenerate quickly, as side effects, peeling of the skin.

My treatment goes like, 2x LLCS on Saturday, 2x LLCS on Sunday, 2x LLCS on Monday, 1x Combo and 1x LLCS on the next Saturday (because I don't have any spare time on weekdays.
Both LLCS and, Micro Laser and Cool Touch treatment takes about 15 minutes only.
All the treatment is done in PPP Laser Clinic Grand Indonesia.

This is me before the first treatment of LLCS. I have no idea why my face looked so dull....

They cleaned my face, with I dunno what but it feels so smooth like wet tissues.
Then wipe my face with cool water. Yes they have a sink and counter just above my head where they prepare for everything.

Here comes the Laser! They called it the photo-laser session.

I have to admit I'm quite surprised of how it feels on my skin. It's like your skin is stabbed by mini needles. It hurts more than I expected, but it's still bearable to me. (Note that lots of my friends said that my pain nerves are insensitive. Lol)

Okay so the laser part is done. Now the Light part!!!
Seriously I almost screamed when I first encounter the blinking super light. The light is blinking. They call it Photo-shower. It's gonna be A LITTLE bright, they said.
 I wear googles already but GOSH it's very annoying and still very very bright even that I've wear the googles. Yeah but I begin to used to it after 2-3 times of the treatment.

As the last step, toner is applied to my face. If the treatment is done by the afternoon, additional sunblock is applied.
The immediate result from the LLCS is that my skin feels smooth, tighter, brighter skin, and redness on my face it's significantly reduced!

Now into the Combo treatment. It hurts much less, but it's more to heat. You might notice the quality of picture drastically changes because this one is taken with a phone which camera lens is already scratched here and there.....
You can see that 3 dots on my left side of the mouth. That's due to the breakout.
They said the after effect of this combo treatment is that the skin will be red, and peeling of the skin. And yes it happens to me. Before the dead skin totally come off, it first become kinda net like pattern. That's why I know it's from the laser, because normal peeling skin doesn't have net pattern! My skin gone through about 2 times of peeling.

Here's my skin progress summary:
Before the LLCS treatment, my problem is my forehead.
Within the treatment, problem on forehead is gone, new problem is around my mouth because I  had this sudden break out around my mouth one night (oh god why....)
After all the treatment (including Combo), the acne dried because the Combo treatment is like burning it.
1 day after, my face was very red in the morning.
2-5 days after, all problematic area skin keeps on peeling and regenerating. All that's left is spots around my mouth due to the break out.
After all the peeling session, my skin is smooth and pores on my nose is a bit less visible!

I didn't post any before-after picture because my own camera is not that good quality, that redness on the face barely visible. It's like no difference by the picture so I didn't post it,, but I swear my skin really improves!

Thank you PPP Laser Clinic! 

You might wanna check them out if you're interested~
Singapore's website: PPP Laser Clinic Singapore
Indonesia's website: PPP Laser Clinic Indonesia
Twitter: @PPPlaserclinic

Jl. MH. Thamrin No.10, B1 – Unit N,
Kebon Melati, Jakarta Pusat 10230
Phone: (021) 290 75208, (021) 290 75209

Jl. MH. Thamrin No.1, WM 3-10,
Jakarta Pusat 10310
Phone: (021) 235 80629, (021) 235 80637 

SCBD, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53,
B1-09, 10A, Jakarta Selatan 12190
Phone: (021) 579 73538, (021) 579 73539

PPP LUWANSA (Opening Soon)
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. C-22,
Jakarta Selatan 12940
PPP DIPO TOWER (Opening Soon)
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 50-52,
Jakarta Pusat 10260 

That's all for this laser experience. 
See you guys in the next post! :D

With Love,