Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Favorites!

Hello, folks! :D
It's been a while. not to mention how intense my activity in December and boom, time flies and it's already the end of the year!

Where should I start....
Anyhow here it is!

- The Saem Mojito Pore Refresh Toner
Super love love this toner from every aspect. I just got this from around October (my sis went to Korea) and this toner is just my HG! But it's so hard to find in Indonesia. If anybody knows where I can get it around 150k please really let me know. *bows*

- Watson Collagen Hydrating and Pore Refining Sleeping Mask
Even though I first buy this out of my random interests, it turns out very good for me. This also, I can't get it anywhere here, since it's exclusive in HK only? Please let me know where can I get it again. Whether any trusted online shop sell this.

- It's skin Power 10 Propolis Effector
Again, another limited products.. or so I know. I'd love to buy this again because it's so affordable in price and it works greatly on my skin too.

- Skinfood Facial Ice Vita Mist
Actually this is some kind of just for fun - or I said it, side-skincare, it turns out great and I really love to spray it at random times. It helps my skin with the moisture with leaving ZERO greasiness.

- Beyond Apple Mint Cleansing Water
I really wonder why I'm always attracted to hard-to-find-cosmetics! *rage* but this one is seriously great. I wonder if Beyond Indonesia sells this too? I never saw them advertise this line. But I really hate it if it's overpriced because every Korean products that gets into Indonesia is super expensive, I mean, it's like 3 fold of the real price in Korea.

- Beyond - Just Beyond - Save Us! Cheek review
I really can use this daily (if I have the time LOL) with that natural color. But then again, a hard to find item. But Beyond Indonesia supposedly sell this though, because I saw them promoting the Just Beyond line.

- IOPE Air Cushion XP
No need explanation I guess? This so famous and expensive product was really a hype back then. I'm one late user but I really love it with the coverage. But I really must use powder because it's so dewy. But when 'combo'-ed with Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover, well. It's super. Currently it's my 2nd refill already. But after this is used up I'll change to Laneige cushion first then I'll decide which I'm gonna repurchase.

- Innisfree Long Wear Cushion
I first buy this because my first IOPE refill was totally running out and I don't have anything to replace with. It's is very drying so I really need a basic of moisturized skin and after using this I'll spray the Skinfood Mist and it's really Long-Wear! I use this whenever I think I want a lighter makeup because with IOPE's cushion I feel my makeup's kinda heavy/too much

- Canmake Eyebrow Color Change
I guess this is a newer version of the Coloring Eyebrow. But seriously the texture is 180 degrees different! It's more liquidy than clumpy. And this one's color really stands out. I always use this when I'm going out.

- 3CE Lip Color Matte review
I must say this is the newest product I'd try by this list but I'm already falling over it. Despite the price... LOL. I've only use this once but it's the whole day so yeah I'm loving it.

The others from makeup department is already old stuff from before 2014 so I'm not counting it in. Most of them is still a lot though.

- Tsubaki Water Damage Care
Smells so good, taking care of the damage without making my hair like super oily/greasy
- Ford CV-Third Water Matrix Treatment
Makes my hair smooth like crazy super super smooth. LOVE IT!

And that's a wrap!
Happy New Year everybody! :D
Let's hope for the best of this year, (not mentioning PSUT is competing by next January... my holiday will be over soon! *sobs*)

And so,
See you guys on next year!

With Love,