Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Review - Canmake Coloring Eyebrow in #4 Bronze Brown

Hello, folks! :D

Another review on makeup products from the Hong Kong haul.
I bought this 'cause my mom finally allow me to dye my hair and I definitely don't want my brows to stay black. Actually not the shade I really want, just for the sake that Canmake is cheaper than other brands like Kate and MJ.

So here it is!
It's just about the size of usual mascara tube and it looks just so flat. Not interesting. Well price is contrary to great packaging anyway.

When I first open it I was like, crap it's so messy. IT IS MESSY. The brush just seems like bigger than the opening and every time I put it back, the product's just spilled over around the opening. Why didn't Canmake make the brush smaller or make the tube bigger? :/
See what i mean? I just don't like the fact that it makes the opening looks dirty. :@

The brush is just usual brush. Nothing really special about it. I was and am still wondering, whether it is produced to be not straight, or ...... 

Needless to say, it has LOTS AND LOTS of shimmer. 

 It doesn't claim to be waterproof or anything, but I just wanna test it out. Well obviously, even before you wet it, it's easily removed.

 Up is without, aka my plain brow (LOL) and down is with.
What I love is that this can double up as a replacement of the eyebrow pencil, which I currently run out of. The color difference isn't that obvious though if you see it like this. I actually expected some more dramatic difference in color...

Design. 2 stars. Not interesting. Well it's because the price, I believe.
Packaging. 2 stars. I hate either the-too-big brush or the-too-small opening.
Staying power. 3 stars. Can't last all day.
Color. 2 stars. No significant changes in color.
Additional, can double it as 'brow-filler' and the result still looks natural! Win for this. 5 stars.

So what do you think?

I really wanna review a lipstick for the next post. Just hoping the lighting would cooperate. LOL. Or maybe I'll just review an eyeliner. Wait for it!;)

See you guys in the next post! :D

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Review - Just Beyond Save Us! Cheek in #2 Lavender | With a little life story

Hello, folks! :D

My, really can't describe how much i miss blogging. Terribly sorry for not posting for weeks! .___.

My college's choir participated in the 8th National Folklore Festival in Universitas Indonesia last March and we were practicing intensively, great thing is that all the hard work was paid off. We came out as 2nd! My first competition after months being only-practicing in the choir group lol!
By any chance you want to check our performance:
Kebyar Kebyar 
Ampar Ampar Pisang
Yamko Rambe Yamko

However due to that, I delayed almost everything of my studies works. Hahahaha xD and so after the competition I was catching up with the studies and the mid-semester exam. So glad that now finally I have a week off, to catch my breath. Phew.

Anyhow after this one week I'll run into more intensive practice again since we're gonna compete in May and to perform for graduation anddddd exams are coming...... I feel so rushed! lol. But I like it there in the choir. Can't help if you love to do something :p

Okay now getting in to the review.
Save Us! Cheek. I bought this back then in Hong Kong just for the sake of the cute dolphins and plus donating for the animals :D Seriously it's so cute.

As you can see it's a powder but it doesn't come with a brush. Oh well to think they sell it for not-so-high price. I have brushes that I never got the chance to use, though. So kinda double-win. ;P
The reason I took the Lavender shade,, since the shade's name (LOL I know it's the most unreasonable explanation but can't help it I'm just so in love with lavender) and I'd been wanted to try some purple blusher.

Somehow I look bad with orange-reddish blusher and not so good with pink blusher either. That's why I never use blusher..... The other reason I don't like orangish-reddish blusher because it accentuates the scars on my cheek. You can see that there's two on the picture below. One's that come out and one that sink in.

BUT this blusher changes my opinion upside down! I LOVE IT. Loving the shade so much! It makes my face looks more healthy but not like I got slapped like other blush color (lol!) and it doesn't accentuate my scars.

Left one is by 'daylight' white balance and the right one is by 'fluorescent' white balance. Did you notice the blush? It is very sheer but yet buildable. It may not really visible but I can tell how it changes my face color :D
Oh and it has a lilll bit of shimmer.

And, the conclusion:
Design and packaging. 5 stars.
Texture. 5 stars. It doesn't look cakey even if I layer it a lot.
Color pay off. 2 stars. It is indeed very sheer.
Availability. This is the problem. I don't think I'll find this anymore! :( But it has like, around 8 shades if I'm not wrong. Quite a lot of shade for you to choose.

So what do you think? :)
I'll post some more again tomorrow. See you guys!! :D

With Love,