Monday, July 21, 2014

Review - Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

Hello folks! :D

Finally getting back to blogging!

This time will still be a review of my HG moisturizer. Really. I love love this.
If last time it's the 'gel', now it's the 'water gel'

So it's in a jar. The size is just 'normal'. Not too big not too small. But yea so bulky if it's for travel so I usually move some of it to a mini jar (those around sample size). The packaging is similar to the tube one, which is plastic inside, then covered with glass. Even if it's empty already it's a lil bit heavy. But the glass just make it looks like an expensive product. The fact that it's not as pricey as it looks. In Singapore it's around 22sgd (if I'm not mistaken) and when I bought this in HK i bet it's more cheaper.

Anyway I'm currently using the 2nd jar - I finished the first one already.

The scent is kinda similar to the gel (the one in the tube) yea obviously it's the same line. I like the smell though. It's not a strong scent so I think it's still bearable for those anti to scents.

The texturee

And when spread,,,,,

Okay so here's the interesting part. The texture. I'm so wondering about the packaging. Why the 'gel' with thicker consistency is packed in tube while this, packed in jar. I first tested it in HK before I bought it back then. I tried and I'm loving the texture. When the gel's absorbed, it leaves your skin not greasy nor sticky AT ALL. My skin even feel kinda funny-smooth. It's like it has a 'smooth-veil' formula or something. But not that primer-smooth feels. Just a bit different.

I usually use this as my last step of morning skin routine as it really absorbs all the stickiness left from the previous steps. So these days the routine be like: toner, lotion, this, then make-up. But if I skipped the lotion part, it would be too dry for my skin.

The reason I don't use this at night 'cause I wanted a more plump/thicker moisturizer at night. This isn't meant for night application though.

I don't mind that it doesn't give so much moisturizing feels as for this product the plus point for me is the texture. At least it doesn't clog my pores anyway. Me myself won't use only 1 moisturizer so yeah,, I still love this.

Okay now the conclusion!
Packaging. 4 stars. Kinda heavy. But I like how it looks.
Scent. 5 stars. No complaints. lol!
Texture. 5 stars. Smooth and kinda matte. Bye-bye stickiness.
Result. 3 stars. Not so 'hydro-boost' if used alone.

I will keep using this from now on I guess. I still have 1 totally new jar. :P
Now I'm running out of it. Anyone in Indonesia know where to get this? Please let me know :) Would be very appreciated.

See you guys in the next post! :D

With Love,

Friday, July 18, 2014

MIA (Missing in Action) or Hiatus

Hello, folks! :D

Sorry that I went missing these past few months. The choir group activity is just really on rush and so do my assignments. So the plot went like, assignments - choir competition - assignments with still intensive practice - exams (deadlines) - even more intensive practice - concert.

The concert was in the end of June, and until today I have so much plans that I haven't feel that boring feeling and I'm still kinda exhausted. I'm currently helping my sister in the office, just taking care of papers (the company recruitment files). I hope I can post A LOT until the July ends as my boyfriend will go to Singapore for a week and I think I should have time to post.

In addition, the college will start by 18th August and I think I'll be even busier with me having  more credits and events to do.

Anyhow the case that I'm not posting anything doesn't mean I can't be contacted.
Still checking my e-mails everyday, facebook, twitter, and instagram.

But if there is a job or something like that I definitely will accept and will do anything needed.

Guess that's all I wanna say.

See you guys in the next post! :D

With Love,