Sunday, October 26, 2014

Review - 3CE Matte Lip Color #609 Jammer

Hello folks! :D
Back with another lip product.
This time it's from the famous and booming 3 Concept Eyes!

Recently my sister just went to Seoul and yeah I did 'order' a lot of thing, not that much I think,,, lol. I want much more but yeah I do must consider money side too. >_<
And this lipstick is one of those.

I've always interested in dark lips, or perhaps I mean bold lips color. I love it but yeah the fact they are not that wearable since my life is only around the campus and I don't want to look like that bitches around the campus... LOL.

So here's the thing!

When I really hands-on with the lipstick I was like damn this is bulky. I know the shape is square but I never expected it to be that big. The bullet is the one so traditional like the old days.

Despite the size it does look high-end. Because expensive with shiny packaging is too mainstream? :p The prize does robs the pocket though.
Matte lipstick with matte packaging!

The swatches!

It does kinda brighter and redder in the photo dunno why. But actually in real life looks darker, but not as dark as I want, but if I took whole body picture, it's just sooo dark.  But I don't really mindd~

I did tried to layer it but I don't really see much difference. One layer could be enough. It really depends on how many pressure you put.

Supposedly this is a matte lipstick and yeah it looks matte, but feels creamy. It's not drying AT ALL. Even the fact it's even moisturizing (?).This explains the price. LOL. Maybe I should've pick the dangerous matte, but as what I know the dangerous matte only have 3 shades and no dark shade.

Anyhow, the staying power is quite surprising for me. I used it to hang out and eat and all but the color stayed. Not as dark as the time you just applied it but yeah I guess it doesn't transfer like everywhere.

Jumping to the conclusion.
Packaging. 4 stars. Great design but not so great size.
Color. 5 stars. I'm satisfied with it.
Texture. 5 stars. Matte but not drying.
Staying power. 5 stars. Last long and don't transfer like stupid leaving stains everywhere.

This is just a perfect lipstick for halloween. ;D
I guess that's it!

See you guys in the next post!

With Love,

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ovarium cyst story

Hello, folks! :D

A real long time no blog. Months. Yea right. First post back up is a totally off beauty topic post.
As the title says. This is a post without picture. Just telling my experience. It'll be long.

So I had this 15-cm-sized-ovarium-cyst in my right ovary. It's too big already that my right ovary needs to be removed. So now I'm living with only one ovary.
It was back in holiday time, when I realized my lower abdomen is getting bigger. I thought I was just getting fat. Well, it's a holiday afterall where I was just 'lazying' around. But then after back to college my tummy isn't getting any smaller even though I eat super duper really less. Weird thing is that I don't feel hungry too.

Time goes by, I still eat only a little and my weight keep on going up reaching 50 kg. Usually I'm around 46-48 kg. And my lower abdomen is getting bigger too. I mean, if I stand, I look really normal. Well, maybe kinda bloated a bit. In Indonesia usually we call it 'buncit'. But really unnoticed if I stand. The real horror is that when I lay down. My chest-upper abdomen looks fine (or rather thin, I can see my ribs) but the lower abdomen is really scary for me. It looked like a pregnant woman's tummy. It's like I keep a huge bun under my skin.

I asked my mom to bring me to doctor but she says it's because of my habit of drinking cold water (b***s**t! lol) and not really giving attention. Well I have no reason to insist on seeing the doctor because I don't even know what caused it. Then I searched over google (yes, google is my knowledge source :p) I found out it's kinda like ovarium cyst. But the symptom should be a real pain when you're on your period. In my case I didn't experience any pain at all. But still it panics me and makes me ask my mom to bring me to the doctor. My mom finally saw how weird (scary) my abdomen looks when I lay down and agreed to go to the doc.

The doc immediately 'scan' (USG, ultrasonography) my abdomen and yeah, a large cyst. As large as a baby's head. He told me to do blood test (seriously I don't know tes darah in English. lol) to check whether it is benign (jinak) or malignant (ganas). Cysts are tumors afterall. If it's malignant then my whole reproductive organs will be removed.

Soon I moved to other doctor, the surgery one. Because the previous doctor is just a general common doctor in the neighborhood. This now the pro doc suggested me to do surgery immediately and so the surgery was scheduled on the days ahead. I need to do CT-scan first however. The CT-scan result will determine whether I'll go by laparoscopy (teropong) or laparotomy (sesar).

Going through the CT scan infusion is a huge pain for me that the nurse can't seem to find my vein and failed 3 times. I swear it really hurts. They said everytime they 'pin' the needle my vein rupture. That's what cause the super pain. until they finally succeeded using baby's needle *sigh* I did the CT scan in the morning and the result are in by the evening and so I need to go through laparotomy which really needs time for recovery....

I gone through the surgery the next day afternoon and so my right ovary was removed and a lil part of my left ovary are taken too for lab check whether it's benign or malignant but the doc said my cyst only contain water and the cyst's membrane is sleek and it's usually benign.

I was awakened by the nurse's slap on my face several times. I was expecting some movie-dramatic wake up which I already in my room with everyone looking at me. LOL. After I really conscious the first thing I know is that it's COLD. Goddammit seriously so cold that I can't stop shivering and it HURTS LIKE HELL because when you shiver your abdomen shivers too and my lower abdomen just got cut! I'm very sure I yelled loud enough to the nurse that I'm cold and it hurts like hell but the nurse just not giving a damn and continue to chit chat with a male which I'm very sure not the doc because what they're talking about is really off topic of the medical or whatever. At this stage I can only be pissed off.

After some very torturing moments finally I was brought back to my room and I can only say 2 words. Cold and hurt. In bahasa of course lol. They said my whole body was as cold as ice. Smart enough, my boyfriend filled some bottles with hot water for me to grab on. After not feeling too cold anymore, soon I fell asleep.

Long through the recovery process and I finally leave the hospital but I can barely walk. It's still painful. I went back home, still not going to college and I'm so left behind, so much to catch up and decided to threw 6 credits from my studies since I really can't keep up. Time heals and yeah now I'm so much better, living like usual, going to college, it's mid-test period, practicing in the choir, etc etc. I'm still easily tired though. And here I am writing this post as I do my assignments. lol. They said I need 6 months for the wounds to be completely heal. Anyhow the doc said if back then I still didn't go to the doc for months it might developed to cancer. The lab results said that they found some kind of 'borderline' between cancer or not.

That's the end of my story. I hope you're not bored. lol
I really do suggest you girls check. Once every a year perhaps. Your own health (and future) is on the line.
Anyhow if I'm motivated enough I might post the same thing but in Indonesian. *le lazy me* :p

Guess that's the end. See you guys in the next post! :D

With love,