Monday, June 22, 2015

Finally! Back from uni chaos (+ giveaway plan)

Hello, folks! :D

It's been like what?! 2 months?! I have to say me myself is surprised. ~_~ My inconsistency in posting have always been the number one issue.

As usual, college things and choir group. Well I'll add some more information of the choir later.
So since May I was like super busy with the choir concert since I'm one of the conductors,,,, and by that concert is over the final weeks is coming and damn the works that I need to be done is just so overloaded. I end up didn't sleep at all for 2 nights and having only 3-5 hours of sleep for some days. My condition is on the bottom right now.


I'm going to Korea (specifically Seoul) and Japan (again)!!
I'll be departing this Friday, 26th June and back by 17th July.
Yes my blog is almost 2 years old and I always wanted to held a giveaway but I just dunno what the prize would be.
I'm planning to have 2 prizes, one is Korean cosme and the other one is Japanese cosme. What do you think? Have any suggestion or advice? But unfortunately I have to say I only able to held the giveaway for Indonesians only.. (As a uni student that still have no income....)
Please comment below if any of you are reading this :)

Thank you for stopping by!
 See you in the next post!

With Love,