Thursday, August 22, 2013

Japan-Singapore Beauty Haul (with some life story...)

Hello folks! :D

How are you these days?! I finally find some time to deal with my laptop >w<
As you readers know, I just got back from Singapore-Japan-Singapore trip last Sunday night and right in the morning I enter the very first day of my university life. I'd only went there twice for registration! Without knowing where my class will be. Lucky that I have this very great, friendly and bear-my-dependentness friend (If you wanna check him out find him on Twitter: @Jechtly) who's willing to show me where the classes are. I owe you lots, dear bro!

Anyhow it's only day 4 but I'm feeling so frustrated dunno why. Maybe because I'm not used to the bus here (which is very crowded and really out of control) after having time with those great trains and MRT and all in Japan and Singapore. -_____-  I really need help in transport afterall. I'm in KOed state everyday I got home y'know.

*drumroll* TAA-DAA~

A lot isn't it? >v<   Or for you expert beauty blogger this is very less?? :x
Most products I bought in Japan only some I bought in Singapore. If it's from Singapore I'll mention it :D

Now onto each categories,
from left to right:
1. KOJI No. 100 Accent Curler
2.KOJI Spare Rubber No. 152
3. KATE my color pencil N- only the holder
4. Random Lash tool from Daisho (Singapore)

 5. Shiny Eyeshadow in Pink from Daisho (Singapore)
6. CANMAKE Shimmer Jelly Eyes in Frozen Mint (Singapore)
7. Majolica Majorca Little Humming Book I - Limited Edition (Singapore)
8. Majolica Majorca Little Humming Book II - Limited Edition (Singapore)
9. Majolica Majorca Little Humming Book III - Limited Edition

10. Creer Beaute Oscar Impact & Cool Eyes
11. Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner in Midnight Black
12. KATE my pencil color in PU-2 and BU-6
13. KATE eyeliner in BE-1
14. KATE super sharp liner in BR-1

 15. KATE powderless liquid cover in OC-B
16. Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover
17. Integrate Gracy BB Cream in shade #1
18. Majolica Majorca Cream de Cheek in RD310

 19. Fairydrops Platinum Mascara Waterproof (Singapore)
20. KATE mascara white
21. KATE mascara black
22. Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Glass Trick Limited Edition (Singapore)

 23. Creer Beaute La Rose de Versailles Oscar and Rosalie Gold Moisture Mask 
24. Creer Beaute La Rose de Versailles Lady Oscar Whitening Mask
25. Barbie Pure Mask Sheet Pomegranate
26. Barbie Pure Mask Sheet Aqua-Collagen
27. My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask - 10 sheets (Singapore)
28. My Beauty Diary Southern France Apricot Mask - 10 sheets (Singapore)

 29. Shiseido Dry Shampoo
30. Mentholathum Water Lip Collagen
31. Mentholathum Water Lip Peach
32. Hada Labo Milk Moisturizer x2

And I forgot to include this to the pic duh! >_>
33. Majolica Majorca Shiny Ray Liner Moonlight Virgin Limited Edition (Singapore)

Actually not only that because I won Etude House giveaway from Charlotte in Singapore, but I planned to post it on a different post.

Anyhow that'll do first! I'm terribly sleepy so details on the products are coming soon! Tee-hee.
See you soon!

With love,

Sunday, August 18, 2013

I'm back! Tadaima!

Hellooooo, folks! :D

I just got home tonight and I need to attend my first day of college with totally zero knowledge about my college. Lol.

I skipped the orientation since, duh, i'm still in Japan!

As I promised, I'll post something more and more from today. I'll post something tomorrow at night or so.

Can't wait to tell you guys about my trip and my beauty haul! XD I'm so excited that I'm gonna diee~ (you should know this 'phrase'. Lol)

Okay then, I'm still worn out state so I'm going to sleep now..

With love,

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Quick Flash Japan Report!

Hello folks! :D

Sorry for a long hiatus period and I will be hiatus again till I get back to Jakarta... :(

I'm posting this because I just reach my last Japan trip destination: Tokyo. And soon after settled down in my sister's friend's house we went to roppongi and went into they-called Donkey Store.

It's a 6-floored building with different kind of products each floor. And guess what, the first floor is cosmetics! No need to say, I went wild. But not that wild that I bought everything I want, lol. My sis unexpectably grab quite somethings too but only by KATE products.

We bought mostly food and cosmetics..
End up like *k yen to paid! (it's below 4k anyhow)

I'll post A LOT as soon as I got back and also reviews! Wait for me, folks! :D

With Love,