Friday, April 24, 2015

Review - Beyond Save Us Lipstick in 03 Beige

Hello folks! :D

Back again with blogging after some time. April started with a very hectic weeks (cause of midterm and all).

This time it's Beyond's product again, yes, I love the brand and their products!
I'm lucky enough to win the Chinese New Year makeup contest held by Beyond Indonesia back in February. I won total 3 products of their Save Us line, an eyeshadow, blusher, and this lipstick.
When you open it you can see cute little otters around the cylinder. So cute!
The packaging is plastic but the cylinder inside is metal as you can see.

So happy to get the lipstick in this shade because I've been wanting it for like a year already. Look at the super cute bullet! No one can't be not wanting this. LOL.

When I looked at it I thought well it would be a non-glitter lipstick finally, but I'm wrong! It's glittery -_- (not too much though)
But the shade is super lovely. I finally have a nude lipstick! >v< The color is coralish-beige. I was kinda hoping it would turn out pinkish though. But I just don't mind~~
I can tell that this lipstick is super moisturizing when I apply it. It glides super smooth just like the Kate's Rouge HG or the Luster one. The huge plus point is that this one feels very lightweight even if I layer it.

However the finish is rather not my liking because it looks kinda waxy. Waxy finish makes the lips kinda look fake and makes the overall face look old in my opinion. Just a very personal opinion.
 With different camera lighting...... In the picture it looks gorgeous though.

It has this cola-berry smell, but not that significant,,,, I can't really describe but it's not one strong smell - almost scentless - so it's super fine with me. 

Anyhow, the staying power is okay. Won't disappear unless you eat or drink just like usual lipstick. But since the shade is nude so I can't really tell. Just after I finished eating that lipstick feel was totally gone and I assume the color definitely had gone too.

That's all for this time's review.
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