About Me

Beauty-related bio:
My skin type is combination most of the time, but sometimes my skin could get dry or oily
My under tone is rather cool, sometimes neutral
My skin tone...... I would say NW 20 (maybe), sometimes could get a lil darker or lighter
If Korean shade is 21 usually
Number one skin problem: PORES on my nose
Other skin problem: acne on forehead, sometimes around smile-line
Right eyesight -4.25 ; Left eyesight -3.25

Not beauty-related bio:
A Chinese, who was born in Indonesia, having an Irish name and looks like Japanese.

A Scorpio of 8th November, Interior Design student.

Speaks Bahasa Indonesia (obviously), English (quite fluent with quite grammar mistakes LOL), Mandarin (best in daily conversation, less in reading and even less in writing)
I can read Japanese (hiragana, katakana, and a lil kanji) but don't understand. *such failure* but I do understand quite some words.

Unusual hairstyle with color(s). My friends said it's easily recognized. >v>

Loves Japan and manga books. I collect them. 
More than 2000 books already. It was passed down from my sisters.

Very serious about skincare. I want to stay young! Like Peter Pan!

Make-up is important but just for fun.

Blogging is necessary, by hope that I'll get invited to those beauty blogger events (lol) and I want to get more friends!

My phone is my EVERYTHING. I'll die without it!!*maybe exaggerating things a lil bit*

Loves music. It's in my blood. Muahahaha.

Plays piano as far as my brain can remember, currently by teacher level already but I can't drive and don't have the time. My teacher wants me to be able to drive then she'll let me have to teach some...

Also plays basic guitar and violin.
I sing. A lot. A proud soprano of PSUT. By going home at 9pm everyday in school days.

I love to watch movies in the theater and usually go out alone because I'm forever alone. (9gag meme)

Loves games. Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts,,, I'm biased to Square Enix. 
They create handsomes! <3

Let's say that's it for now.. I wanna make it more interesting! >v< 


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