Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Event - B Blog Launching Conference & Blogger Meeting

Hello, folks! :D

After being invited to attend Japan Beauty Week on Sunday, yet I got an invitation too for B Blog Launching Conference at fX!

That day I actually woke up late and even worse, it's raining. I end up calling a cab and could only do some simple make-up in the cab. (.___.) I was so rushed that I didn't even put any accessory on because I didn't wanna be late.

I re-registered outside the club and they gave me a blogger name tag (I didn't expect that! xD)
Quite surprised, they asked me for my name card and I was like, emmm,, I don't have one..... Afterall I'm still a student no? I never thought of something like name cards...... It's time to make one... LOL

The inside looks really great and kinda dim which I actually loves but then becomes a trouble for taking pictures. My Acro S really not that good to take pictures in a dim place.

Now that's one interesting ceiling....

When I got to The Only One Club in f(x), fortunately, well, guess I could be considered not that late? lol. It was still coffee break time. I think they know we'll be late since it's raining and ftw with the traffic jam.

After the coffee break the MC went up to the stage and started.

Then he called up Akinori Takamura san to gave some speech as CEO of Cyber Buzz, Inc. He introduced Cyber Buzz that it's a social media company from Japan which works together with many popular brands in Japan.

Then Mr. Suryanto Wijaya as CEO of Corfina Group and PT Bina Blog,

Then Tetsuya Osafune san as COO of PT Bina Blog. He explained that in B Blog bloggers are categorized based on their blog theme (, beauty, travel, gadgets, games, etc.) and also there are 2 type of blogger - Premium and usual blogger. Premium blogger is the one whose blog is popular, have thousands page views per day and huge number of followers. Premium bloggers would most likely getting more clients, ads and invited to more events. Next followed by Q&A session from the media

After Q&A it's time to eat! (or so said the MC >w<)

The food's actually quite good and there's milk! And so I happily mixed it with tea and sugar... I'm such a milk tea addict y'know ;p

When we're eating, some premium bloggers were invited up to the stage to share their experience and to give some advice for new bloggers. By this time also the CEOs and some of the staffs visited each table and we photographed together. I wonder will the pictures taken posted somewhere? xD

Not long after we finished our lunch it's door prize time! (Not that I won anything lol)

First was from VIP Plaza. They said they're supposed to launch their website last week but with all this flood they postponed it to February. And the winner is Stella Lee! *clap clap*

Second was from Cow Soap! Congratulations to Bunga :D

The third prize was so mysterious since it's wrapped! Lol.

Fourth was from Klaus & Co. and the winner is Raden. Oh, Klaus & Co. will also launch their web in February.

Fifth was from B Blog and the winner received one night voucher to stay in Keraton Hotel.

Last was the winner of the best review which held by B Blog in last December received a 1 million voucher from B Blog! Congratulations *again!* Raden!

All the VIPs are called up to the stage to take pictures together and so do we, bloggers! :D

 That's how it ended and when we took our leave, outside the club freebies were waiting! How great is that? This is what I get. I forgot to include the Kracie bag here.....

And the brochures...

I managed to get pictures thanks to Jean and we took photo together with Raden too!
 Above pic you can find it in my instagram @fairytale_wland and below is somemore extra one xD
Well I'm the one with short hair, Jean is the one with red nails and Raden is the one with the cap

In this event I can see how bloggers meant a lot for advertising. They all are so enthusiastic and determined to promote their products through us, bloggers. (Well I'm actually feeling kinda downhearted in this since I have the least follower... ; v ; but that's okay) For me this is a very good opportunity to meet new people and to know more brands and people who run them.

So! Are you interested? Do you want to attend events like this and get freebies? Go to and all you need to do is just sign up and voila! Every update on new events will be e-mailed to you. What are you waiting for? Sign up now! ;)

I guess this is the end of the post. I'm looking forward for more events from B Blog though. lol. But maybe I can't attend every event since college's starting soon....

Well, see you guys in the next post!

With Love,

Monday, January 27, 2014

Event - JAPAN Beauty Week 26 January 2014

Hello, folks! :D

There's always a first time in everything and yea, my first time being invited to an event as a blogger yesterday. So excited when I know that B Blog sent me the invitation for JAPAN Beauty Week!
So actually it was said that the event starts from 11 am, but then I saw in facebook that they said the bloggers are supposed to gather at 12 and I think, okay I'll come at 12....

The first thing that started was the Bloggers talk show. So the host came out and introduce the blogger to the audience. First coming out was Meilani from Pygmalion Land and I was like, 'Wogh! I know Pygmalion Land!' *norak alert*

And then the second blogger coming out was Jessica Yamada who usually called Jess and actually she's behind Gowigasa and I was like *again*, 'Hey that's the online store my not-so-close-friend used to get/buy things!'

And the third blogger was Cominica! And I was like *AGAIN*, 'Omg she looks so slim!!' Well pardon me as I never met (not even one) other bloggers.....

So the host started to ask to the bloggers how they first active in blogging. Continued to how many times in a week they use facial mask, what kind of mask they use, what mask type that they use, where they usually buy their masks. And then talking about their skin type and skincare routine.

In this session they talked a lot about Japan, like how the weather in Japan affects their skin and such. I realized that Jessica keep pointed that she went to Japan with Stella without pointing who (I was guessing she meant Stella Lee) and actually at the end of the talk show the host IS Stella Lee! I was very surprised because I thought she's blond.... She looked very different. >_<

After the talk show the next session was from Astalift. They start by explaining what cause pigmentation, how is the process of pigmentation and how to prevent pigmentation (Actually I remember what the host said but I don't think I'll explain that so long and make this post such an instant biological post. lol).

It was said that astaxanthin, pico collagen, yeast extract, vitamin C, arbutin, and apricot juice is what helps to prevent pigmentation and those ingredients are in their whitening series.

Followed by the demo of the skincare which starts from lotion, essence and finished by the cream. All is orange in color even though the packaging is white.
This session is quite informational for me. I felt like I woke my biology studies again. LOL.

Next is the session by Kracie. They started by 'Yukata Lady' and honestly, the painful truth is that it's very awkward. It's way toooooooo long that the music keep on repeating and stopped suddenly 2-3 times. The Yukata Ladies were just showing off the products, but really. Too long. But they are indeed pretty. xD

After all the yukata lady thing ended, the MC introduced the person from Kracie Japan and introduce that there are 3 sub-brand from Kracie, which is naive of the cleansing, Hadabisei of the mask and Ichikami of the hair product. Surprisingly, they're doing demo and the one that's doing it was the person from Kracie Japan! At this part the MC and the guy was so funny! >v<

This time it's the session from Menard. One of the booth-lady asked me whether I'm a blogger invited by Menard and I said no. Well I thought I'm not invited by Menard, I'm invited by B Blog... Come to think about it did I think I gave a stupid answer? *sigh*

So actually it's the launching of Menard's and so the host explained how double cleansing is very important and demoed it on Stella's hand. They let us try too anyhow. The lotion, milk lotion and cream. This is for people with dry skin, they said. And next they even let us try the mask. On the hand of course.

After trying I was just thinking that it indeed is an interesting product to buy until she said it's only for professional use only so it's only available in Menard's facial salon (how disappointing....) When the mask dry it becomes exactly like jelly.

Right after the session I then realized the next next (yes double next) person on the right is Rhea! She's that blogger whose face looks like Sunny SNSD. (Only my opinion okayy) I guess she's invited by Menard.

Last session that I attended was from Kanebo. He's (Mutsuya Sakai) doing a make-up demo for the upcoming Chinese New Year. I was hoping the MUA will maybe mention Kate but nah, I only heard he mentioned Lunasol.
The MUA seemed like applying the make up so fast and accurately. (or maybe just the video on the back was super slow....)

I left after Kanebo's session because I was really hungry and so I quickly went to MOS Cafe, eat some food and went home. You guys might think like, why didn't you eat between the sessions? The truth is I didn't really know when the next session would start and I was hesitate, like, I'm supposed to follow the event from 11 to 5 and I thought it's best to watch them all. I wasn't that hungry until Kanebo's session started -__-. Amateur me going to an event and till now I actually dunno whether I can leave an hour or so and skipped 1-2 sessions or no. (Feeling so amateur....)

Below is photo of the booths based on position with the stage on the left of the collaged picture (well just use your imagination..... lol)

Some about the booth (+experience):
1. Hada Labo gave their samples in exchange of our data and doing skin test on their booth (seriously what could be better?!!). On the skin test, super weirdly, my very obvious pores on the T-zone were not detected. Maybe thanks to MJ Skin Lingerie?! (Review coming soon!)

2. I didn't really visit Menard and Astalift's booths because the booth girls were completely ignoring me so whatever.......... Maybe they think I'm not suitable for their products or something.

3. So B Blog's booth was grouped with Kawaii Beauty Japan, Olive des Olive, Million Carats and Halo Jepang. That's where I re-registered and there were some stickers, pins, key-holders, brochures and even name cards.

4. On Kanebo's booth we could get a make-over! Yay! But I wasn't in the mood for one.  >_<

5. Kracie gave bunch of samples and masks of their Ichikami and Hadabisei and all we need to do is just fill-out a form!

 Overall it's great to attend the event because I could gain so much new things. I like listening to people talking 'bout health and beauty and to know other brands better too. It's what important for girls I think. lol. And it's actually fun for me. xD

AT LAST! What I got from B Blog ID and the event!
 And the brochures.... (psst the Million Carat's is super cool inside!)

 So! Are you interested? Do you want to attend events like this and get freebies? Go to and all you need to do is just sign up and voila! Every update on new events will be e-mailed to you. What are you waiting for? Sign up now! ;)

Anyhow this is the end of the post.... (Omg, back pain in the midnight...)
I hope you're not bored reading my super long post and so see you guys on my next post! :D

With Love,

Friday, January 24, 2014

Review - Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex in RD412 Pure Play Edition

Hello, folks! :D

I'm back again with a MJ product~ The Rouge Majex!
I asked my sis in Singapore to get me this and The Humming Book IV back then because I was afraid that I won't get a chance to buy this in HK because it's limited edition.

I'd never thought that this would be THAT small. I thought it would be some like TBS Love Gloss size.
When you roll it over you can see the red apple as the 'mark' of the Pure Play Edition which added more mysteriousness to the already-gorgeous-and-elegant design.
The name of the shade is Pure Apple.

Below is just unnecessary picture showing how clean the opening of the tube is on first opening and I just like that clean part (weird me)

Here's how the applicator looks like. Just usual with rather more pointy end which really helps for gradient lips and precise application.

The scent is sweet, like strawberry candy (perhaps candy alone) and very strong when you first open and apply it but then it'll quickly disappear. Maybe it still smellable for people with sensitive nose though. :p

And do not worry about dry lips or whatever. It stays glossy and very moisturizing. It does wears off when you drink and eat like other lip gloss would but it's gonna leave some like stain which show quite color but of course not as red as what it supposed to be. But I guess it doesn't stay really long. Just normal. Well I don't expect much though. Leaving the color behind is already beyond my expectation. lol.

The result with gradient lips and full lips
It looks very beautiful by gradient lips but I don't really like to use it for full lips since if you use it full lips the color ends up darker (than the photo) and makes me look real old and kinda sl*t-like ._. Maybe I need to use concealer first.

So the conclusion!
Design and Packaging. 5 stars. As always MJ never fails to amaze me.
Applicator. 5 stars. Small and pointy. Just what I need as someone with almost invisible lip line.
Scent. 4 stars. Sweet. But kinda strong.
Staying power. 5 stars for exceeded my expectation as it leaves stain.
Result. 5 stars for gradient lips. 2 stars for full lips as it ends up too dark on my lips.

Well obviously I can't repurchase this since it's a limited edition! I should search on something almost identical to this when this runs out, I guess. : /

So what do you think?

See you guys in the next post! :D

With Love,