Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Review - Beyond Alice In Blooming Snow Cushion in 02 Natural Beige

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Totally excited for today's review. I'm a fan of Disney, especially Alice, Tinkerbell, and Ariel. Beyond had released a makeup line before, with Alice too, called Alice in Glow, but it's not 'appealing' enough for me that I would buy it. But when I saw this from Beyond's Instagram (the Korean one) I know I must get this in any way. I searched all over the net to find a seller and finally got one. And now let's hop on to the review!

I mean look at the box! I never posted any makeup box pictures in my blog before I guess. This one I feel like I must cause I'm sharing cuteness~ lololol >w<

You can see the info at the back says no paraben. That's good to know since it doesn't provide English ingredients list -__-. So it says this is a blooming festival with Alice In Wonderland - Moisture cushion that maintains bright skin with micro foam cushion. I don't really mind with it being moisture cushion cause I'll top it with oil controlling powder anyway usually. It got this Walt Disney mark on the back of the box and the back of the cushion.

So this is the cushion, same design with the box. The difference is that the words 'Curiouser and Curiouser' is not metallic but just normal print, unlike the 'Alice in Wonderland' which is metallic. The design definitely makes me wanna sing that 'Golden Afternoon' song from the movie xD not to mention the fabulous rose gold side.

Now to the insides.
Even that sponge is so cute! I hope they'll sell the sponge alone too. The sponge is somewhat peachy color unlike any other. Or maybe there is one but  just don't know it :p There's something different about the sponge, I'm not sure it's thinner or simply just smoother. It just feels much softer on the skin.

Some sealing with hangeul which you can find it anywhere in cushion products

When I open this OMG I swear this is the BEST smelled cushion ever. It's not like I'm a huge fan of perfume (which is not recommended in face products) but this smell reaaallllyyy good. Not very strong but it's just good. I guess this really live up to the name blooming (flower) festival.

Close up to the sponge. I would say it LOOKS kinda patchy crackling dry, but no worries, it's totally moist when you touch/press it.

And so how's the result?

Left is before, right is after. My skin isn't that bad these days so I don't really have any active pimple or anything, but there are still some dark spots. I would say the coverage is medium? It's not perfect but much better than okay. In my opinion the coverage is on the same level with Laneige's Pore Control Cushion. The texture is rather light, as it doesn't give me that cakey feeling on the face.

Honestly this is the very first cushion I used to go out without finishing it with powder. I was so lazy that day I mean like only went to the campus for 3 hours tops so I don't think I need to 'seal' it with powder. It was a hot afternoon and my face was sweating since I was on motorbike when I go, then I walk quite far 'cause I need to send things, and go home by motorbike again. Of course because it's not sweatproof or anything it melted a little bit after around 4 hours, but the coverage is still there after I blot my face.

I would say this last around 6 hours on me and even much more with powder on top. I'd say 12 hours max. Cause when I use makeup remover by then the product is still there. But of course NO TOUCHING the face with hands okay. If you're sweating then use the tissue by TAPPING instead of swiping, same when you're blotting.

As an additional information, because I like the case so so much, I tried to fit it to other brands' cushions, and it totally clicks and fit with The Faceshop's cushion perfectly. Mine's the oil control water cushion and if I'm not wrong it's also the same with the recently launched CC cushion. Unfortunately Amore Pacific's brands' cushion can't fit because they got an extra flap on the refill's lid.

And so that's the end of today's review!

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Giveaway Winner Announcement!

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Firstly I want to apologize for taking so long in picking the winner. Because there are so many entries and I have to minus those who didn't follow all the rules, and I have to kind of sort them out again from instagram repost and all.

Well anyhow, drum rolls please >W<
The First Samples Prize goes to Rhena Indria
The Second Masks Prize goes to Theresia Syanli

(please check your email and please reply in 24hr to claim your prize or else it'll be voided)

I'm sorry for those who didn't win but I'll make sure that there will be next time and please don't be disappointed.

As an additional information, if I find out the one who joined this giveaway unfollow or unlike immediately, I'll black list the guys and you won't be able to join any of my future giveaway, just to be fair. I do check, list, and remember. So let's respect each other :)

And so this is the end of the short announcement post.

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