Sunday, November 3, 2013

Giveaways that I joined - 1

Hello, folks! :D

I'll be posting on giveaway that I'm currently joining~

Giveaway: ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Any Cushion c/o COSMETIC-LOVE

Etude House Rosy Giveaway

October Monthly Pick Me Up: Etude House Rosy Tint Lips
by Airi

October Special Giveaways (International)
by Miharu Julie

Well I guess that's a wrap! :D
See you all!

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Review - Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Edge Meister Moonlight Virgin Edition

Well hello, folks! :D Sorry for being MIA for some weeks. Kinda dunno what to post... *such a lame reason!*
Actually just having bad mood days due to projects that I have to remake. Yes. Remake.

Okay, so I'll be doing review again.
It's Majolica Majorca's, which is a limited edition of their 10th anniversary. It's the Moonlight Virgin chapter, released for summer. (Ya I know it's late already). I DO need to use them for a quite of time to give my opinion, no? /gg

Majolica Majorca itself is a Japan drugstore brand, which from what I know is famous for their mascara because it's meant for Asian's short and straight lashes. The thing is, they just don't sell in Indonesia! :@
For a Japan lover like me it's just irritating.... ;_;

And the products that I'm going to review is their famous mascara, *drumroll* Lash Expander Edge Meister!
It's actually brown, which their not-limited-edition one is in black.  
Pardon for the bad lightning... It's hard to find good lightning with plain background in my house...

Majolica Majorca's packaging is always a 10 stars for me. It's just exactly my taste. Somewhat mysterious, lots of curvy lines, and also the colors is fascinating. Packed mainly brown, with gold and aqua-ish blue.
The size is just the usual size like other mascara. Maybe a bit 'slimmer'. ('u')

The 'stamp' of trademark from Majolica Majorca on top of the tube
Just gorgeous, right?! That details in gold is just purrrfecto. LOL

This is how the mascara 'wand' brush looks like.
(Sorry kinda blurry.. I don't have a steady hand..)
It's not a usual brush actually. It's a comb. And there are fibers in the formula.
The curvy side is for most of your upper lashes, while the straight and shorter side is for the lower lashes and the hard-to-reach part of you upper lashes. (They said.)

My experience with this is kinda messy.. I was an amateur in mascara and this makes my lid dirty at a few first attempt. The importance is that, if you sucks as an amateur at curling your lashes, like me, DO NOT use this for 'practice'. I end up switching to Fairydrops's mascara when I started college because I was bad at curling my lashes and this makes my lash even worse, even though it's really lengthening and flattering.

After few weeks of curling my lashes, I think I'm fine at it already and I start using this again. This is how it looks (after really long hours).

From kind of lower view, you can see that it's super long and do not clump at all
(Still have to admit my lashes are super messy on position itself  *sigh*)
But the brown color doesn't stand out in this picture... Hard to get the color y'know...

On this picture the brown is much more noticeable. Just compare it with my lower lashes. Different, right?
In reality it's more brown and it's even like red-ish brown.

So far, just take it as 10, out of 10 times of usage, 9 times, the lashes will low down a bit. I believe it's due to humidity and temperature.. And if you wear it for a very long time period, somehow the brown looks kinda 'worn off' even that the length stay still. This mascara is meant for lengthening from the start anyway....

A lot of people said that this is so hard to remove, but in my case, I don't have a problem with that.. Honestly at the first time I use it, I was surprised since it can't be removed with just showering and washing my face. LOL. Because all the previous mascara I use would worn off when I wash my face (even if it's waterproof. :p

Let's get to the conclusion part.
Design and packaging, Undoubtly 5 stars for me. I just love Majolica Majorca's design!
Formula. 5 stars. Dry just in right time. Not too fast, not too long.
Lengthening. 5 stars. It's SUPER lengthening.
Curls. 4.5 stars. Rarely lowers.
Seperation. 5 stars! Definitely! That is just what I love with Japan mascara.
Scent. Is this needed? It actually just smells like other mascara, just for me smells better.

So what do you think?
I do really want to make a daily make up tutorial.. Just hope that it'll be my next post, kay?
See you in the next post!

With Love,