Thursday, January 7, 2016

Review - Shara Shara Aqua Marine Moisture Pact in #21

Hello, folks! :D

Back again for another review. This time it's a product from Shara Shara. It's not that I don't like this product, but I just have a mixed feeling about it.

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Let's continue with the review
It comes in a usual round powder case, with a cute design on top.

A lil info at the back. I still have the box, but everything is in Korean so it doesn't help much.... I can only get that this is in shade 21 *lol!

Look at the inside! So cute! Just the same design with the case though...... Anyhow, the puff is just usual puff so I didn't really bother taking picture

Okay, so as the name, it's supposed to be moisturizing or something like that (not that I bought it without knowing, but my sister bought it for me). At first I was not paying any attention to the product 'cause I was thinking like, nah, it's just another powder pact, nothing unusual.

But then I tried it and I was like, damn this is so drying. It's really good in oil control too, I would say. I didn't know that this is a moisture pact until I went to Korea with my sisters and found this in the Shara Shara store. *facepalm*

I tried to google up others opinion but I can't get any review. In my own opinion, it to review how the product works as how it supposed to, I would say this is a very fail product. But in the other hand, since I have a combination (rather oily) skin, this is a win product for me.

But actually it's still to drying for my face because some times it even makes the skin around my nose flakes off if used alone. I sometimes used this as a finishing powder after cushion or BB cream or anything. The left one, I'm using Ettusais BB cream, and the right one I layer it with the Shara Shara Aqua Marine Pact. You can see that this powder totally erases the glow on my face. It kinda gives a lil, just a little, that cakey look too.

So? What do you guys think? Any of you ever tried this powder pact? Just leave comment below~

Thank you for reading my blog, and so see you in the next post! :D

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