Monday, January 4, 2016

Review - Kate Powderless Liquid for Cover SPF20 PA++

Hello, folks! :D

How are you guys doing since new year? For some, school has started yet again, going to work like usual, while others are still in holiday, like me. Lol! Somehow I kinda caught in 9gag's sarcasm for this new year. (Y'know, the Robert Downey Jr. meme?) Now I'm getting out of topic, sorry guys. :p

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And so! This Kate Powderless Liquid is my favorite foundation so far. I've been using this for about 2.5 years (since my first time traveling to Japan) and when I went to Japan again last year I bought another one. The packaging comes in simple cylinder with a pump to dispense the product. It's so sleek just like other Kate's products.

They are in different shades though. One's in OC-B (right) and one's in OC-C (left)

Maybe some of you will pop a question like 'why bought 2 different shades?' It actually because sometimes OC-B is not 'suitable' for me. Some people would ask me like, 'are you sick?', 'you looked so pale'. It's not like it's too light for skin tone. But well, originally people will judge from my face and always saying like 'omg you're so white'. Even though my arms are actually a few shades darker. So in foundation I won't hesitate to go by a shade darker.
Fortunately OC-C isn't that so much darker or something so I could easily change in between according to my mood (what?) and my skin tone of the day..... (Honestly I almost couldn't tell the difference by the monitor.. In reality it's more noticeable)

What so special about this Powderless Liquid is that after you apply it onto your skin, after 15 secs the texture will changes. Below is a moment after applied. It's already noticeable that the ends (that has less product) already has a different texture. So basically the thinner the layer the quicker it turns somewhat powdery

This is after about 15 secs. Sorry for the blurry pic. But you can see now the texture is already more even than before. I guess the head didn't dry because it's too thick.

This is after I blend it again. Actually it almost nothing to blend...
Once you left it to be set and turns powdery, it's so hard to blend it. It's almost useless to try blending it after it sets so I have to make sure I spread and blend it well onto my face quickly before it dries and sets.

And I figure out that it's actually kind of waterproof. You see when I swatched it and try to wash it off by rubbing it won't come off....

Well, it doesn't stay that waterproof all day long. Let's just say, if I wanted to go out all day long (10-12 hours), I must reapply because my T-zone would get oily and make it wear off. Maybe some of you would think that's already great, but in my experience, cushions + MJ powder combo is top-notch in staying power compared to this.

But still this is a really good product! This is my no.1 alternative to my combo for everyday, everywhere, anytime use.

Picture to the left is bare, and one to the right is with the Kate Powderless Liquid. Not too shabby, eh? Definitely good. I would say the coverage is medium to medium high since it's quite buildable too.
One pump is not enough, but two is also too much. So about 1.5 pump for the whole face is enough for me.

Down side of this product, is that it isn't sold here in Indonesia. If I ever want to buy it again I need to order online or some like that. *sob sob*

And so that's all for today's review!

See you guys in the next post! :D

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  1. This is my favorite foundie too. I use OC-D and it's a slight dark for me.

    1. Indeed it's a great foundie. I suppose buying a wrong shade foundie happens once in a while (me too) ^_^"

  2. Ini di indo ada?how much sih? Jadi penasaran...pengen coba hmmm

    1. Di indo kalo mau harus beli dr olshop.. Mungkin harganya jd 200an tp lumayan isinya 30ml hehehehe